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The count Arvedo Arvedi was born in Verona in 1964 and lived in his family villa where he learned the art of pain- ting. For many years he cultivated this passion through meeting and hosting local and international artists such as Piera Legnaghi, Eugenio Ferrari and Jordi Pedrola.

In 1993 he discovered American pop art and his vision of the ar- tistic world changed completely, opening up to a world of brilliant and amazing lights. He met international artist John David Moo- ney in Chicago and began a colla- boration that would last for over 10 years, developing international projects. Of these, the most famous are: StarDance for the Atlanta Olympic Games and Light Muse, commissioned for the 150th an- niversary of the Chicago Tribune, The Gate for the 3rd Millennium in Malta for New Year 1999/2000 and The 5 metre high Spiral Galaxy steel sculpture now placed in front of the Chicago Plane- tarium. In 2005 this partnership ends, but Arvedo has still a strong friendship with J.D.M. In 2006 Arvedo’s artistic life changed. He moved to Rome where he met the artist Massimo Catalani www. and as a sensitive man and artist he im- mediately decided to collaborate with the environmental project “The House of Fish” that blocks the use of fishing nets in illegal trawling and that destroys the ocean floor under the coasts, killing local flora and fauna.

For this reason the Count Arvedo Arvedi created (ICUPE ICona Umanità PEsce) small fish in IKEA moulds that metaphorically represent man and the profound and unbreakable connection between man and sea.

Moreover, the fish is an ancient Christian symbol and is impor- tant in this moment of profound and chaotic changes to remember one’s religious and cultural identity.
In the last few years he has shown exhibitions in Barga, Roma, Verona, Venezia, Matera and New York.

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Arvedo Arvedi