Commodore International founder Jack Tramiel was considered one of the pioneers in the history of computer science and contributed to the spread of the first domestic computers, such as the Commodore PET and the Commodore 64.

The inventor of the Personal Computer has died.

Chuck Peddle, died on December 15th 2019, we all thank you for your work.
The world will never be the same place without you.
Thank you Chuck!

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Welcome to new Commodore

In 1954 Jack Tramiel founded Commodore as a typewriter repair service. Jack Tramiel was Polish, and after Auschwitz he traveled to the United States and joined the Army. After the army he decided to open a repair shop in the Bronx.
Tramiel always had an inclination towards technology such as mechanical and electro-mechanical.
Tramiel Moved again in 1955, this time to Ontario, Canada becoming a low-cost office furniture manufacturer.

In the 70’s there was a boom in the calculator and digital watches and although Tramiel ventured in this area in 1976 Commodore was on the edge of insolvency. Tramiel was saved by Irving Gould by lending him three million dollars and purchased MOS technologies.
The acquisition was key to Tramiel’s philosophy of vertical integration. By production and distribution controlling, Commodore kept its costs very low and it’s products competitive.
Commodore was again transferred to the Bahamas in order to take advantage of lower taxes, which eventually the company came on its feet again.

The headquarters and manufacturing base was in California. The idea in the 70’s was that the future of computers was in databases which were accessed via terminals. Desktop computers and affordable models were still a far reached idea. Tramiel refused to accept this. Determined as he was, in 1977 Commodore introduced the PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) which was designed by Chuck Paddle and it was sold at $795.

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We are confident that the passion is the really business goal. We will ensure that the past of this brand becomes its future.

We focus our energies on the development of an evolutionary technology, indispensable for improving the quality of our customers’ free time.

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Arvedo Arvedi

When the C= become art.

The count Arvedo Arvedi was born in Verona in 1964 and lived in his family villa where he learned the art of pain- ting. For many years he cultivated this passion through meeting and hosting local and international artists such as Piera Legnaghi, Eugenio Ferrari and Jordi Pedrola.

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